Burundi Masha

Burundi Masha


Country: Burundi
Region: Gihororo, Gatara Commune, Kayanza province
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Farm: Masha
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1675 M
Grade: 1
Certification: Direct Trade
Cupping: Complex, Peach, Red Wine, Sweet

Description: The Masha washing station is perhaps one of the most known washing stations in Burundi. The wet processing machinery is a Mac Kinnon, it has around 170 drying beds and can process around 750MT per year. This washing station collects cherries from over 3500 local coffee farmers spread over the 12 neighboring collines. During the harvest season, Masha processes more than 750 tons of coffee.

Masha has a reputation for consistently producing top quality coffees with complex fruit profiles.

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